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How good is Your Breathing?

  • When was the last time you took a proper breath?

  • What is proper breathing? Describe? Define?

  • Name 3 ways to make breathing more effective?

  • How would you measure your breathing efficiency?

  • Rate your breathing efficiency? (Scale 1-10)

Write down these 5 questions on a piece of paper and write your answers on the back. Then ask the same 5 questions to your friends who are into performance and achievement. You will notice a significant variation in their answers. How did their answers compare to yours? Are you confident that your answers are correct?

If you find it difficult to answer any of the above questions and success; achievement and elite performance is your goal then Tri-Logic Rhythms™ could be that missing link that will allow you to surpass your limits.

Breathing is the single most important physical action that the human body can perform, yet it is highly unlikely that 2 people will have the exact same answers when asked about what constitutes "Good Breathing". Try it with your friends and see for yourself.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ will provide you with clear and practical answers to the questions above and it will help you learn and to train you're breathing so that no matter what you do in life, you can perform at your very best.

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