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What is Tri-Logic Rhythms™?

Whatever your Sport or whatever challenges you in life Tri-Logic Rhythms™will allow you to discover how effectively you are breathing. It facilitates learning the rhythm that is unique to you and then you can integrate it to your sport, fitness or high performance event!

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ is about learning to breathe more effectively for performance, from sport; to fitness; to stage performance; to public speaking.

Our body's Performance is intrinsically linked to the way you breathe and optimising your breathing will have positive benefits to body function.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ allows you to gain a better understanding of your breathing rhythm and how it can affect both the physical and mental aspects of your sport.

Optimising your breathing rhythm can help achieve the following:

    • Improve Preparation and Recovery

      Delaying Fatigue

      Reducing and Controlling Stress

      Improving Concentration

      Elevating Confidence & Self-Belief

  • Question: How is Tri-Logic Rhythms™ different from other forms of Breath Control Techniques?

    Answer: Firstly your natural breathing rhythm is something that you were born with and is involuntary controlled in the brain stem, but the craziness of life and bad habits can sometimes upset this natural rhythm.

    Tri-Logic Rhythms™ will not give you a prescriptive breath control technique but instead it will facilitate you in discovering your rhythm which is unique to you. This is achieved using specialised technology and real-time biofeedback, this involves monitoring the client in a Fitness, Stress or Sports environment and if possible real-life situations.

    Tri-Logic Rhythms™ is a learning program where you can discover your optimum breathing rhythm. Especially suited to the "High Performance Athlete" but is beneficial for all competitive athletes.

    Synchronise your breathing with your sport and discover your ideal rhythm to optimise performance.

    The pressures of competition in modern sports can be significant. Being aware of efficient breathing can influence both mental and physical aspect of high performance.

    Tri-Logic Rhythms™ - Discover your rhythm! Unleash your potential!!

    Breathe to Succeed!

    Peter Walsh | Create Your Badge