Mission Statement:

When we are born we breathe efficiently with our diaphragms. Our experiences in life along with all its stresses and challenges can distort or alter our breathing habits. This change may not be for the better and may have negative consequences on our performance, be it at work or sport.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ will allow you to discover how efficiently you are breathing and what happens to it when your body comes under stress or pressure. If your breathing is bad you will learn how to make it better, if your breathing is good you can learn how to make it great and if your breathing is great then you may be surprised to find that there is still room for that extra 1% and fine tuning which could make the difference to your personal best.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ is a learning programme and a journey of self-discovery. This journey will give you clear and practical insight into your breathing behaviour. Tri-Logic Rhythms™ is a fusion of yoga science; pulmonary physiology and personal performance experience, incorporating a real life story about overcoming adversity, challenging one's personal limits and discovering a new window into elevated levels of physical and mental performance.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ Breathe Better, Be Better!

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