Tri-Logic Rhythms™ - BREATHE TO SUCCEED!

Most sports have moments where high levels of concentration and focus are required. Poor breathing can influence the body's chemistry in a negative manner especially at critical moments under pressure. These moments can vary depending on the sport and the athlete. It can be a crucial putt for a competitive golfer or a tri-athlete experiencing respiratory fatigue towards the end of an event. When the body is pushed to the limits of human ability maintaining an efficient breathing rhythm can be a challenge. Understanding how your body responds to stress and challenges can be vital to learn how to stay on "top of your game" no matter what that game is.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ will allow you to take a look at how good your breathing actually is and you will subsequently learn to make it better!

Do you require your body to perform to the upper limits of its ability?

Do you need to be on top of your game both mentally and physically?

Do not take for granted the one element which is often overlooked, your BREATHING!

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ is a High Performance Breathing Programme ideal for Athletes in Elite Sports such as Tri-Athletes where breathing rhythm and pattern can be crucial for success.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ - Who can benefit?

  • Professional Managers

  • Performance Artists

  • Public Speakers

  • Stress Management

  • Team Development

  • Competition

  • Stress Control

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ is a Personal Learning Program which can be individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the client based on breathing behaviour, pattern and rhythm.

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ Breathe Better, Be Better!

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