The Programme

Tri-Logic Rhythms™ begins with an intensive assessment/evaluation which is performed at rest and during stressful challenges. Then the correction or improvement strategy follows in the form of a programme of supervised learning sessions during which you discover your optimal breathing rhythm.

The Programme includes a minimum number of supervised learning sessions where progress and improvement can be observed and measured.

The programme does not use traditional methods like Spirometry and VO²MAX but rather by monitoring air flow, inspiratory and expiratory patterns, rhythm observation and breathing mechanics.

All data can be recorded and analysed to measure effectiveness and progress is established from session to session. There will be some homework involved which usually involves 10minutes of daily practice but this can vary from client to client depending on expectations and respiratory fitness demands.

High Performance athletes will need to practically apply their learning during training and sport.

If you require high performance from your diaphragm and your body and would like more information about the "Tri-Logic Rhythms™" Personal Breathing programme then please contact us for more information about a program that suits your challenges.

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