Testimonial 1

"Coming from a GAA background I was excited to hear of the "Tri-Logic Rhythms™" performance breathing program and the benefits it could have both performance wise and wellbeing wise. My perception of lung capacity and deep breathing proved very different to that which Peter was quick to explain and demonstrate. Through a short questionnaire and some simple breathing exercises, Peter quickly conveyed the reality that efficient breathing is most important and can be achieved with regular practice.

Initially the programme focused on controlled breathing and the benefits of breathing with your diaphragm rather than your chest. Peter monitored my breathing both visually and scientifically and explained the concepts of maintaining healthy pETCO? and monitoring HRV levels. The programme then progressed to focus on abdominal control with emphasis on improving the efficiency of the respiratory system. While focusing mainly on the positive influences on performance, Peter also touched on the benefits of regaining the natural breathing patterns that we were all born with.

After I had become comfortable with my technique while at rest, Peter stepped it up a notch and put me through my paces and introduced some light running to the programme to simulate a match or training situation. Hooked up to the breathing apparatus, I was able to visually examine my breathing patterns on the screen in front of the treadmill. This allowed me to manipulate my breathing for optimal performance and recovery.

After just 4 sessions with Peter I have already began to reap the benefits. I have noticed it most in the recovery phase following exertion. Through control of the diaphragm and air intake I have taken control of my heart rate which allows me to go faster and harder for longer! I hope that with a little more training on technique that I can master the art of efficient breathing. I also look forward to reaping the long term "wellbeing" benefits, as a result of participating in the "Tri-Logic Rhythms™" performance breathing programme".

Odhrán Keane




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