Testimonial 2

"Having successfully received a kidney transplant in 2011, I wanted to see what I could do to get my fitness back to match fitness as quickly as possible. I wasn't prepared to take any supplements etc., as I was concerned about how they might potentially interact with my new kidney. Luckily, I met Peter at a wedding and when I told him my story, he was able to tell me about Tri-Logic Rhythms™.

After just 5 sessions, I was seeing a result in all aspects of my life. I noticed that my recovery on the hurling pitch improved immeasurably, my concentration levels at work had hugely increased and most importantly, when I go for a quarterly checkup, my doctors are constantly amazed how well my new kidney is working!! Tri-Logic-Rhythms™ is an effective, 110% risk free product that I could recommend to anyone! Thanks Peter!"

Diarmuid Corcoran




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