Testimonial 4

"When I first met Peter, I wondered who is this odd man with a strange looking snorkel mounted in front of his head instead of the side while training. He was leading a group of snorkelers for Limerick SAC in University Limerick Arena, teaching techniques for improving fining distances, every week adding a different exercise to the routine. The very first season is was adding 10 and 20 meters on to my pool length distance until I had hit my goal of 50m on one breath. I was hooked!

He took the group under his wing and showed us how to gradually build up confidence in the pool, practice relaxation techniques, breath correctly and improve our breath-hold.

When I'm practicing Apnea I can use his relaxation techniques to stay under longer and safer. When I apply the same breathing methods to my SCUBA diving, I find I can pace any buddy, 20 years my junior. When I'm at work, I regularly speak to an audience. Simply breathing correctly has improved my stage presence boosting confidence. Most recently I have taken up Running for the first time at the age of 40.... and I believe it's had a dramatic impact into my results... my recovery times running are quicker than my running mates, that have run all their lives! Pairing my new love of running while breathing efficiently combined with a healthy diet I have shed 30 pounds of holiday weight. I believe that effective breath control has had a positive influence in many aspects of my life."

Mike Orth

Vice President

Irish Underwater Council

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